Media Partnership LLC was started in 2008 for the purpose of putting in place a personal touch to all of our clients’ needs for their on-line presences and marketing. Realizing that a complete full service internet firm did not exist that would analyze, train, and supply small and large business with crucial information and website delivery to their customers.

We at Media Partnership LLC. are committed to lead the industry in partnering with our associates to complete a full and profitable on-line experience for their business.

We believe that simply building a website is only the first step in developing a secure presence on the net. Each one of our customers have available to them a personal web consultant for the building of their local and worldwide presence. Also available to our clients, are full-time staff members for changing and updating their website in real time. A sit down consultation is also available to each of our clients as well. Lending expert advice and experience on the “Do’s and Do Not’s” of optimizing of a site.

We are committed to “Doing big things locally”.