Website Design in Columbus, Ohio

Here at Media Partnership LLC we have over 15 years experience in website and graphic design in house. Website design and layout is one of the most important processes in SEO. The front page of your site is the first impression that a potential client sees. We want your site to be informative to potential clients and give the every reason to choose your business. So here at Media Partnership LLC we believe in giving each of our clients the personal attention that they deserve. Our graphic designer is always available for any questions you might have. If you don’t want to write your site we completely understand and that is why we have professional content writers on staff. They can write it all for you.

What to look for when hiring a web design company in Columbus, Ohio

For those business owners in Columbus who are considering a web design company, there are some fundamental characteristics to look for when making the final decision. When your web designer meets these criteria, the process will certainly yield successful results.


This is a characteristic that might seem like common sense, but is often overlooked. Being able to communicate your ideas with a designer is critical. For those business owners who might be intimidated by the prospect of hiring a web designer, explaining how they expect their site to perform might prove to be difficult. Looking for a web design company that can communicate in a non-technical language will make the process much easier.

Search Engine Optimization Skills

Business owners in Columbus, Ohio should be confident that their prospective web design company has a solid understanding of the best SEO practices. When ranking a website means attracting more customers, the use of keywords, link strategy, and content management should be an ongoing priority.

Graphic Design Experience

A professional web design company should have excellent in-house talent in regards to graphic design. From logo creation to the development of graphic elements that appeal to visitors, web designers understand that while the mechanics and programing of a website are critical, the visual experience is also very important to potential customers.

Application Experience

A web design company should have a fundamental knowledge of implementing popular applications and technologies that solve day to day business problems. From blogging platforms to shopping cart software, designers should be able to assimilate any required applications into a client’s website.

Content Creation

Professional web design companies should be able to provide clients with writing services that will help to create and manage engaging content for website visitors. When the success of a site means fresh content delivered on a consistent basis, business owners need access to writers who can create optimized ad copy, articles, and blog posts.

Service and Support

Business owners should have access to reliable service and support when their websites require updates or troubleshooting. Web design companies that come and go, are all too common. Finding a design company that offers solid support offers clients peace of mind knowing that any issues will be dealt with in a timely manner.

A reliable website design company in Columbus, Ohio will easily meet the above criteria. Business owners should always take the time to check references and view websites that were created, and are maintained, by the prospective designer.


What Makes a Good Web Design?

A lot of times web design comes down to personal preference. Depending upon the type of business that you’re running from your site. Or depending upon what you are trying to convey to a customer the way that you would like to be conveyed can be attributed to the design of your site. A lot of times a website can become a personal opinion, Keep in mind that the more folks working on the site the harder it can become. The best way to design the site is to get the message to your customers in the simplest way possible with a good look that makes you look professional.

Color choice and initial layout would be important to know that up front before the design is started. After that’s been done laying out the grid for the site would then be the next most important thing, and how you going to convey all of your information to your customer and market your goods or services to that customer. The old saying of keeping it simple definitely applies here. Most people do not like to muddle around a website. They’re looking for information. They’re looking for products and services. You have to answer fairly quickly and you’ve got very little time to do that for them. In respect to marketing your site obviously the product or service that you make the most profit on would be in the foreground, so that your customer can make a quick decision and not be frustrated with trying to find what you are well known for. In my opinion a good complete site would include all the little details that make the appearance of it to be well rounded to look professional and to show your customer that you’ve taken the time to make a nice feel a nice look. That tells folks you care about your business.

As we’ve seen technology advance and more and more widgets are being used on your site it can become very cumbersome to use a site with some advanced technology because your customer, (the older generation) may not know of that technology. Now introducing new technology to your site can be a good thing but just understand that a lot of people that are currently using the web do not understand some of this new technology. People are tired of signing in, having to give up e-mail addresses hit this button hit that button and then just to gain the information that you’re trying to sell them. So let’s just take a quick walk at some of the successful websites. Like for instance Google. I would say that Google has the simplest website to use that we use everyday simply type something in whatever information that is that you want you hit one button and it takes you to all the pages. So that can be a very simple analogy for a website. I guess one of the most important things that you need on your website isn’t just a good flow every page being laid out the same every page having the icons in the same place to continue through your site to gather the information that they want or to gain access to your services.

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