Why is it important to hire a local SEO firm if your business is changing or adding a location?

Expanding a company or moving to a new location can be exciting, but it will also present a business with a number of unique challenges. This includes making changes to one’s online marketing campaign in order to continue seeing new traffic and then converting that traffic into customers. A local SEO firm will allow a company to meet these new challenges head on and see a high return on investment as they go through this transitional period.

The biggest benefit that companies will see when hiring a nearby SEO firm is easier communication. Trying to create a multifaceted marketing campaign through emails or on the phone is not only frustrating, it can also be a major time sink. Simpler and faster communication will mean that a business can spend less time focusing on their marketing and more time on improving their product and customer relations. This level of personal communication is rarely found in larger SEO firms.

A local SEO firm also understands the targeted demographics on a personal level. Instead of a relying on metrics that are found online, they have an ear to the community and often live inside that city themselves. They know what locals are looking for in a company, and that will be reflected in the marketing campaign. These professionals can improve the visibility of your new location down to the neighborhood that you will be in and find the specific clientele that you are looking for.

Local SEO professionals are going to be a fixture in the community and highly visible with other customers and businesses. These firms will be able to reverse engineer your competitions’ campaigns and then create a strategy that is specifically designed to pull customers away from that competition. This level of involvement can be nearly impossible when a firm is attempting to manage a marketing campaign across the country or even on the other side of the world.

Finally, a local company will understand local SEO techniques as well as general SEO strategies. Local SEO is more important than ever for businesses of all types and sizes and can produce results with just a fraction of the work. A nearby SEO specialist can find the low competition keywords and phrases that residents are actually searching for and then use those phrases to your advantage. A business can bypass the international competition and focus on the demographics that matter.