What are the top 5 reasons a business in Columbus, Ohio should hire a locally based SEO Firm vs. a national Firm based somewhere?

Businesses have two choices when looking for search engine optimization, or SEO, services. The first is to go with a large national company. The second is to use a local firm that is actually based in Columbus, Ohio. The reality is that choosing to stay local is always better. It is important to know the top five reasons Columbus businesses should hire a locally based SEO firm over a national company based elsewhere.

Better Understanding of Columbus Residents and Businesses

One of the main reasons locally based SEO firms are better is because the people there already have an understanding of the residents, culture and businesses in Columbus, Ohio. The professionals are a part of the city and the culture. They know what is going on locally and what target market segments in Ohio really care about right now. This will allow the firm to come up with highly effective keywords, content and SEO strategies that national companies would never realize.

1. Faster and Simpler Communication

Communicating with an SEO company in another state or country can be a real problem. Time differences can make it inconvenient to talk on the phone. Communicating with a locally based SEO firm will be fast and simple. It is possible to meet with representatives in person to discuss strategies or results. Calls will be answered quickly since there are no time or language barriers. Faster and simpler communication will remove any stress around using an SEO firm.

2. Personal Attention

Massive national SEO companies usually have a huge number of clients. This leads to situations where all clients are treated like numbers. Some companies even restrict contact to just web forms and emails. A local SEO firm in Columbus, Ohio will provide personal attention. The professionals will look at the business, current marketing efforts and other factors to create an individualized plan that meets the unique goals of the client. Personal attention will make the SEO much more effective.

3. Support the Local Economy

Something that all business owners in Columbus, Ohio are aware of is the importance of supporting the local economy. All businesses are helped when people in the city spend money locally. Hiring a locally based SEO firm will ensure that the money does stay in Ohio. This can help over time because the money spent on SEO could come back in the form of new customers.

4. Higher Quality Work and Better Service

A final point to consider is that a local SEO firm is going to be far more concerned about reputation than a large national firm a thousand miles away. The local firm will want to maintain a positive image so that businesses in the city keep coming back. This will lead to higher quality work and better service for all clients.